Legal Service provider in India KPM & Associates is wide-ranging law firm established with an object to provide custom legal services and solutions to help clients in achieving their goals by combining global standards with local expertise. The firm has its focus on the core areas of legal tribulations:

Real estate legal services, affairs;

Tenancy matters, stock markets;

Intellectual property acquisition and protection;

Corporate matters;

banking and finance matters.

KPM & Associates the Law Firm is majorly structured around the following legal service areas practice areas:

Each area comprises industry-focused associate lawyer dedicated to delivering incisive advice. We advise our clients under common law and civil law systems with an ambition to become India’s Premier Law Firm. We aim to achieve this goal through continued investment in enhancing our legal resources and information to create an atmosphere of work enabling our associate lawyers to present consistently high standards of legal service. The Law Firm along with the custom legal services additionally also hold responsibilities for our clients within and beyond our advisory and contesting work.